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                                       Excel Training                                                                   Accountancy / Bookkeeping Training

                           * Excel - Foundation Level                                                                *  Bookkeeping - Basic                       
                           * Excel - Intermediate Level                                                               * Accountancy - Basic

Whether you need to pad out your CV or you're simply looking for a way to get one step ahead of the rest at work or your course, courses from our Training School is ideal for anyone who wants to learn about Excel, Accounting and Bookkeeping within a business environment. With over 12 hours of learning broken down over in small accessible modules, our courses are designed to be enjoyable, informative and easy to fit into your busy schedule. You will have access to interactive exercises and practice material, as well as on going support from your trainer. You’ll finish the course with a multiple-choice test and a certificate upon completion - these are courses you can count upon!