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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning Tools

Strategic planning tools from our consultants provide a unique one-page “scorecard” that quickly evaluates your company's financial position, detects hidden problems, and provides a firm platform for making informed business decisions and setting strategic planning goals.

An adviser can simulate the financial impact that different scenarios would have on your business. Complex financial information is presented on a single display as easily understood business drivers – so you can have answers to “what if” and goal-seeking scenarios for your business. The adviser will ask you to consider questions like:

  • Has your business improved and, if so, where?
  • What are your key business drivers and how do they influence your financial outcomes?
  • Where should you channel your future financial resources to maximize the value of your business?
  • What steps can you take to maximise your personal wealth and increase your company’s profitability?
  • What are the best-case and worst-case results of launching a new product line or service this year?
  • How would cash flow change if the outstanding accounts receivable average is reduced from 70 to 60 days?

Strategic Planning Consulting Business Outcomes

You will receive a formal report from your strategic planning consultant, but don’t worry; this won’t be more paper to throw in your drawer. Your consultant provides an action plan based on the information you provided. And, we show you how to put that information to use! 

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