Corporate Recovery, Bankruptcy & Creditors' Rights

 Facing an unstable economy, many companies across the country are struggling financially. Whether you are looking at restructuring, filing for bankruptcy or need assistance as a creditor to a bankrupt company, We can help you through the difficult process so you can confidently move forward.

If your company is facing financial difficulty, a thorough investigative analysis by experienced and knowledgeable financial specialists is essential for the evaluation of how best to optimise the situation. We can help with an extensive range of corporate recovery, bankruptcy and trustee services.

How we help your company recover from financial difficulty?

  • Performance management
  • Turnaround and restructuring advisory
  • Bankruptcy support
  • Representation of constituents/stakeholders
  • Interim and transitional management consulting/outsourcing

Our professionals are experts in assisting official and unofficial creditor committees, debtors, shareholders, secured lenders and other parties of interest in bankrupt or troubled companies ranging from small family owned businesses to large international corporations.

How we help you prepare for the complexities of bankruptcy?

  • Development/review of organisational plans
  • Development of reorganisation alternatives
  • Analysis of both pre-and post-petition operations
  • Liquidation analysis, preparation and review
  • Preference searches, investigations and defences
  • Assessment of management and company personnel

 Trustee Services:

  • Marshal and secure assets
  • Management of asset recovery process 
  • Handling all aspects of claim management - reconciliation, negotiation and distribution
  • Preparation of necessary financial reports

As trusted advisers, we are dedicated to providing you with the best possible service. Let us know how we can help you. 

Many of our professionals either are, or have been court trustees, receivers or administrators. As such, they understand the responsibilities that must be fulfilled. Our team advises and assists clients from start to finish, ensuring that the maximum recovery assets have been corralled and ultimately distributed to claimants.

We have experienced professionals we partner with to help you issues concerning insolvency

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