As a busy firm of chartered accountants we are sometimes overloaded with bookkeeping work which we struggle finding the time for.  Now whenever this happens we call in Multiple Choice Accountancy and Bookkeeping Services to help as we have found that everything we have thrown at him previously he has handled both professionally and accurately.  With his background in accountancy it helps no end when trying to explain different scenarios which saves both time and money.

Hamer Wingate- Chartered Accountant


Finding a good, cheap bookkeeper is never easy but thankfully we now have!  We've been looking to outsource all our accounts work as the business is growing and now use Multiple Choice Accountancy and Bookkeeping Services for it.  Since using them we have even transferred our payroll to them which was originally outsourced to another company.  So far so good!!

Yashima Khan - Local Shop Owner


I started using Multiple Choice Accountancy and Bookkeeping Services when I was trading as a sole trader and found them very helpful and knowledgable.  Now I have set up my own limited company they basically run, or shall I say are, my whole accounts department.  Everything from raising invoices, bookkeeping, payroll and company secretarial work, which I am clueless about, is now done by them.  Highly recommended.

John Barry - Building Surveyor


Multiple Choice Accountancy and Bookkeeping Services gives excellent service. I am so glad that I found them. In December 2009 I formed my own new business. I did not know how to go about all of the things from tax to vat, I phoned the Multiple Choice Accountancy and Bookkeeping Services Office for advice they were very helpful to me. They invited me in for a chat and straight away they put my mind at rest and explained all the things that needed to be done to form my business so I decided to use them. Highly recommended”

CleanHomes Clearning Services, London

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